Be Simple

Hello, my name is darB. I live in Henry County Georgia. This speck upon the bible belt of America is one of the most boring locations an adventure seeker might have the misfortune of being placed in. To further exemplify the insipid nature of this bum fuck area if one has ever wondered why people do drugs they should move here for a month and they shall have their answer. Thankfully i don't stay in hco very often. Lately my vacation home has become Conyers and let me tell you, the natives are awesome.

Though my tumblr has no rhyme or reason, my posts all mesh together and work. I enjoy quotes, psychology, online games, art, music, and I like more stuff but I don't really wish to bore you with the details when you can just check them out on the page you are currently on. All works out.

“And it's all vanity"